【成绩查询】2021年9月的PMP、ACP、PGMP、PBA 考试成绩已经可以查询了,点击下面PMI官网链接登录账号就可以一秒查询。PMP考试成绩查询网址: (PMI)(1). 进入PMI官方地址;(2). 点击“查看您的考试成绩和分析”,登录自己PMI账号就可以查看成绩了。(3). 若是“PASS”就是通过,若是“FAIL”就是未通过。(由于最近是PMP考试出成绩,所以进入PMI官网是当前页面,就能很快查询到自己的成绩)—–如果想要登录自己PMI账户看其他内容,可以点击“Access myPMI”即可查看自己主页。【申诉模板】成绩出来了但是对自己的成绩有异议怎么办?虽然成绩不能再被改变,但是我们需要一个让自己信服的结果,若你对自己PMP考试成绩有异议,可以向PMI办理申请成绩复核。申诉采用的是【邮箱】的方式:1. 邮箱地址:[email protected] 邮件内容:需要提供:姓名、成绩截图、PMI ID、问题描述以及个人需求,【英文】形式沟通。3. 复核内容:由多名老师对考卷进行重新审阅,复核结果由PMI通知考生。4. 复核费用:45美金【申诉邮件模板】:主题:【PMP Score Appeal】I request to check my test paper正文:Hi,PMI!My name is 【填写姓名】. I took the PMP exam on September 26 in 【填写考试地区】, China, Eligiblity Code: 【填写考试号】,Test Center Code:【填写座位号】.In fact, I started preparing for the examination in December 2019, the original test is scheduled for march, Affected by coVID-19, it was postponed to September 2020, In order to take this exam, I made full preparations in advance. I reviewed textbooks and did a lot of tests, In the process of the mock exam, I got a good result every time. Therefore, I was very surprised and difficult to understand the result on September 26, which was far from the expected result and could not convince me. I hope to know the reason for my failure. so I am sending this email to ask for an appeal on my score. Please provide a detailed transcript and passing standard. I believe that PMP, as a global exam, will uphold the principles of openness, justice and fairness.Please respond quickly. Thank you very much!PMP拓展内容:2022年PMP考试应该注意些什么?PMP考试有用吗?项目管理证书 PMP 的含金量高吗?什么职业的人适合考PMP?PMP报考流程?在国内 PMP 有多少含金量?